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Verbatim Transcripts on Demand!
Fast, accurate verbatim transcripts are customized and delivered to meet your needs. FNS is capable of providing audio/video recording, time coding, rapporteur (summary) service, foreign language transcription, and a variety of additional services to round out your public relations and archival efforts. Our transcriptionists are experienced and knowledgeable in a variety of terminologies, subject areas and languages.
Call our sales team now to let them help you design the perfect transcription package for your needs. Contact us at 703-981-8317 or email us an inquiry at help@cq.com.
Key Features
  • Flat hourly rates based on audio length and expected turnaround time.
  • Delivered as a Word document, providing you full editing capability and easy-to-transmit content.
  • Ready and able to work with a number of audio/video formats, or record live if necessary.
  • Allows search-engine optimization and Section 508 compliance for multimedia web content.
  • Distributed where appropriate through our Transcripts database, expanding your reach to journalists, policymakers and foreign dignitaries around the world.
  • Transcript and audio archived, where requested, on our private database for a period of your choosing.
Search Engine Optimization and Section 508 Compliance
Broaden your audience reach to include the hearing impaired by synching a transcript to your audio or video file. Allow search engines to crawl your page more effectively and more frequently. Enrich your collection of podcasts, YouTube clips, or other content with verbatim text that fulfills Section 508 compliance requirements. Let your event live on by transcribing your multimedia content today! Click here for a quote or more information.
Event audio recording and transcribing
Don't have the necessary equipment to record your event? Our professionals will record your event and provide a transcript. Increase the longevity of your event by making your audio and video files searchable. Click here for a quote or more information.
Distribute my transcript through the FNS Transcripts Database
For added value, your transcript can be uploaded to our subscription-based Transcript Database, expanding your reach to seasoned journalists, policymakers, experts, lobbyists and foreign dignitaries. Click here for a quote or more information.
Produce an executive/detailed summary of an event
As an added value to your transcription service, have a member of our experienced staff create a one-page executive summary, highlighting the key moments from your event. Additionally, we can produce an extensive written narrative with details from the entire event. Click here for a quote or more information.
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